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Cambridge Analytica Shuts Down

Cambridge Analytica has shut down, filing applications to commence insolvency proceedings in the U.K. As you probably know, the company has harvested data for almost 90 million Facebook users by making use of a personality test.


Critical Vulnerability Found in Over One Million Home Routers

vpnMentor has recently conducted a comprehensive assessment on a large number of GPON home routers. Their team has discovered a method that allows hackers to bypass authentication on the devices, being able to inject and execute commands on them.


The ECB Designs a Cyber Attack Simulator for Banks

The European Central Bank has designed a "capture the flag" style cyberattack simulator, which can test banks, stock exchanges and other similar businesses that are critical for the financial industry.


F-Secure Claims that the Ransomware Trend is Declining

The Finnish security company states that the attackers didn't get too much money from most of their victims, who didn't want to recover the encrypted data by paying the money that were requested by the cybercriminals.


Facebook Will Allow its Users to Clear Their History

The social media platform will soon allow people to clear their Facebook browsing history. This way, the website will "forget" about the sites that people have visited from within Facebook, the ads they've seen, and so on.


According to Comodo, Crypto Mining Accounts for 10% of Malware

Comodo Cybersecurity has analyzed 300 million malware incidents, detecting 28.9 million crypto mining threats. According to them, Monero and Bitcoin are the preferred cryptocurrencies  for malware creators.


The Cybersecurity Tech Accord Helps People and Companies

Microsoft, Facebook, Arm, Cisco, HP, Nokia, Oracle and 27 other companies have formed a cybersecurity consortium, pledging to protect their customers, oppose cyberattacks, empower users and developers, and partner with each other to enhance cybersecurity.


State of Cyber Resilience Executive Summary

Accenture has recently surveyed 4,600 security decision makers who are working at US$1B+ companies in 15 countries. Their goal was to understand the effectiveness of the applied security measures.